Saturday, 31 May 2014

Why women should stop insulting other women (through Mean Girls)

Women are well known for being bitchy, shows like Made in Chelsea, TOWIE and other reality shows don't help this, and are also not true to women's relationships in real life. However, the media often insults women, and it is worryingly done by other women. 

While everyone has their own insecurities, it seems unfair that one woman should point out another's. It's incredibly rude, hurtful and insensitive; I'm sure if someone was criticising them, I'm sure they wouldn't be happy, so why they think it's ok is beyond me. 

It's not only body bashing that goes on, but also just incidents of hurling insults at each other, and I take Tina Fey's stance in Mean Girls on this: 

Actually I'm going to use a variety of Mean Girls gifs to help my argument. Hope that's ok...

For some reason it is perceived that women will become extremely competitive when in an environment with many other women, and in real life cases, this is true. But it's sad, why should women be like this, men don't have this problem. Yes men and women are programmed differently, but women shouldn't be insulting and bitching about each other behind backs. 

Women instead should be allowed to be who they are, regardless of how they look, what they wear or if they are strong minded. These aren't exactly horrific personality traits. 

What women should focus on is working together and not being bitchy or competitive, because in a way, it gives men a reason to discriminate against us in both society and the workplace. 

What should be realised is whether a woman is a good person or not, because surely that's all that matters. If women weren't competitive, then so many problems would be solved overnight, however this is unlikely to happen, so attitudes need to change instead. Don't be one of the people Janice is describing: 

Unfortunately, as a woman, we are likely to receive resistance, and more often than not it's likely to be from other women. But ultimately, if someone is jealous of you, then take it as a compliment, brush past it and listen to Kevin: 

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