Wednesday, 28 May 2014

20 reasons why you should love Katy Perry

1. She's fun and doesn't take herself seriously 

2. She eats pizza like us normal folk 

3. She's hot

4. She's best friends with Rihanna 

5. She's a badass

6. She has gorgeous eyes 

7. She was one of the most successful artists of 2013 

8. She was on Sesame Street... 

9. And the Simpsons

10. She's touched Justin Bieber's "bouncy" bum 

11. She's great with kids 

12. She's a role model 

13. She kissed Harry Styles 

14. She's cool as a cucumber 

15. She's damn cute 

16. She has chameleon hair 

17. She still looks cute without make-up

18. Her stage costumes are amazing

19. She showed us her vulnerable side in her film Part of Me and spoke about her divorce from Russell Brand 

20. And finally, she takes criticism in her stride 

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