Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10 steps on how to stay cool in the summer sunshine

1. Go shopping for a Summer wardrobe. Yayyyyyyy! 

2. Find a killer bikini á la Jennifer Lawrence. You might not be flicking your hair for a photo shoot like Jennifer, but hey, why not pretend you are!

3. Wear sun cream - no one wants to rock the lobster look 

4. If you're a hat person, find a summer hat. If you're not a hat person, now is the time to find the perfect hat

5. And sunglasses too of course, like Rihanna 

6. Whether you're doing a staycation or going on a vacation, go swimming! Not only is it great exercise, but it's also a great way to tan and cool down 

7. Find some cute summer dresses. Helps for Kendall and Kylie that they have their own clothing line, so unfortunately, us normal folk just have to go shopping for our dresses 

8. Accessorise - this image is taken from Accessorize's S/S 2014 collection

9. Hydrate! Your body, your skin and your waistline will thank you

10.  Look fabulous like Blair and Serena. Still can't believe Gossip Girl is over *sob*

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