Saturday, 21 June 2014

Top 10 worst habits we're all guilty of having

1. Not drinking enough water. It has numerous health benefits, yet it just seems like such an effort and a chore. However, once you make a habit of drinking enough water and properly hydrating it'll become normal and your body will thank you, and in the words of Derek Zoolander:

2. Checking your phone all the time. Studies have shown that looking down at your phone all the time can cause a double chin, although clearly not for Megan Fox:

3. Not exercising enough, but don't do it like this: 

4. Not eating enough fruit or vegetables 

5. Drinking too much alcohol. A large glass of wine can contain 228 calories, which is the same as a Cornetto ice cream!

6. Not properly caring for your skin. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Just don't look like this when you put on your face mask:

7. Watching TV for hours on end

8. Snacking when you're bored 

9. Skipping meals 

10. Eating too much fast food 

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