Thursday, 6 September 2012

Macmillan Cancer Support

So, I haven't posted anything in a while because I couldn't come up with a topic of interest, so I thought I'd write about Macmillan as I am currently volunteering for them as an Events Assistant and I am organising one of their biggest events ever; called World's Biggest Coffee Morning which takes place on 28th September. 

In my opinion, Macmillan is a charity that is very close to people's hearts because numerous people have been or know someone that has been affected by cancer, whether it's past or present. Personally, I've not had to deal with seeing my family go through the suffering of cancer, which I am extremely grateful of. The closest person to me that had cancer in the past is my grandmother, but luckily I was too young to remember anything and I am very thankful for this. I can't begin to imagine what it's like seeing a loved one go through chemotherapy, seeing them grow weak and not being able to help them. However, I do know that when there is a family member or loved one that is growing through the difficulties of living with cancer, the person's whole support network of friends and family come together and situations like this really do show us that there can be some very small positive aspects that can come from someone who is diagnosed with cancer. 

I do, however, find it bizarre that while I have been volunteering for Macmillan that I have come across people; English people; who are frankly old enough to know better, who have never heard of Macmillan Cancer Support before and it really shocked me. Fair enough that you may not have had anyone you know have visits from Macmillan nurses etc. but Macmillan help millions of people every year; whether it's people living with cancer, or relatives of those living with cancer. I was appalled that these people had no idea what Macmillan did or who we were. In this case, I really don't think ignorance is bliss. 

Last year's World's Biggest Coffee Morning raised over £10 million and we are trying to beat that this year, which I think can be achieved with the help and support of all the volunteers, those holding the Coffee Morning in their houses or cafés and especially, the general public. With everyone working together, we can create a successful Coffee Morning all over the country. So make sure you get involved! 

To learn more about Macmillan's Coffee Morning, you can take a look at the website and see what you can do to help:

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