Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why women NEED girly TV shows

Women NEED their girly TV shows. It's science. Ok it's not, but we do just need our beloved TV. 

When women are together, they are often perceived as catty, competitive and mean. However, there are several TV shows that women adore because it shows that women CAN be friends without competing against each other, which is true of real life. So I've put together a few examples of girl power. Enjoy!

The most obvious one has to be Sex and the City. Even though the last film was released four years ago, its' legacy still lives on. While I personally thought that the characters (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte - which you already knew right?) showed some selfish traits, the overall theme of the show was that girlfriends should stick together no matter what and that is why women love the show. Seeing women united regardless of what happens in your professional or love life is rare in TV shows, but untrue of real life. That's why SATC is a woman's best friend.  

What other TV show represents women's friendship in such a strong way? Gossip Girl, duh?! 

We all adored Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen throughout all of their ups and downs, and there were A LOT. But they still managed to stay best friends despite everything. True girl power!  

And New Girl of course! Jess and Cece are both hilarious and loyal to each other. Basically what every girl looks for in a friendship with her best friend. And of course, some occasional boob slapping may be involved if you get annoyed at each other: 

Another TV show that shows true friendship and girl power is FRIENDS! I know that it technically showed the friendship between all of them, but the girls had a great friendship and stayed strong and solid throughout. If sitting around in wedding dresses doesn't show a great friendship, then I don't know what does!

And the one that we pretend to hate, but secretly love? The Kardashians. We know we shouldn't love them, but when they say 
things like this it's hard not to: 

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