Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So, I'm trying to build up my CV over summer while I have some free time. But I also want to make some money too. The only problem is, loads of companies; both locally and nationally aren't willing to pay you, they expect you to carry out work experience and internships for free. This is fair enough given the state of the economy and all the recent banking scandals that have occurred, but I'd much rather be in a paid job AND be building up my CV at the same time.

Before I sound ungrateful, I do enjoy work experience and internships; I find it interesting to see what people do in their jobs every day, meeting new people and seeing what different responsibilities employees have. The only problem is that in my third year of university I have to do a placement; a paid one and I'm just worried that I now won't get one, so I need to try and exploit all the people I know and try to get them to want to hire me or recommend me to people that have that power. Not entirely sure how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to have to succeed, otherwise I'm just going to end up being a loser that has nothing to do while everyone else is doing something productive with their life. 

So, if there's anyone that is willing to hire me for a year that is based in London and has a role for me that relates to my course International Business and Globalisation then you will literally be my saviour, knight in shining armour and everything else similar!

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