Sunday, 15 July 2012

I need your help!

So, ever since I was able to read, I always wanted to be an author and more importantly; I wanted people to read my book and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading books as I did then and as I still do now. I'm in pursuit of becoming an author, only problem is that I've only taken baby steps so far. I've researched book publishers in the UK and which kind of publishers would be suited to the book I want to write, but I need advice from everyone that is reading this please! 

Long story short, I want to write a book about being a teenager, especially a teenage girl and the struggles that teenagers go through in everyday life; from friends (real and fake ones), to relationships (which never seem to work as a teenager), to the first period a girl goes through, to how much teenagers disregard family as being important; especially in the early teens, which is mainly because it's not 'cool' to go around with your parents, so you almost push them away to the extent that living with parents (when hormones are flying everywhere) becomes dangerous. 

I need to know whether my book is worth writing, whether people would actually read it and most importantly, whether people would actually enjoy it. Because as much as I love writing, I would like to actually become a published author, which won't happen unless people actually like it. 

So PLEASE comment and let me know what you think, even if you think it's a stupid idea and a waste of time. All criticism (positive or otherwise) is welcomed. But positive criticism will be welcomed a significant amount more.  

Thank you.  

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