Friday, 13 July 2012


At one point in our lives we'll have to go for an interview, but for the majority it's several, which often lead to several rejections too. Personally, I hate them, I turn into a blabbering idiot and I get so nervous that I end up speaking complete gibberish and don't even answer they question I'm being asked; which is probably why I don't have a proper job. But then again it's ok that I don't have a proper job yet; I'm still a university student, but if I ever become an adult in the 'real world' and I don't have a job then I'm going to have to kick myself. But if I don't then I'm sure my parents would.

With interviews it's not the rejection I'm scared of, it's the impression I make when I'm sitting there in front of a panel of however many people and I don't know what to say that will make me look better than everyone else; which is actually the whole point of an interview. Still need to master that! The questions they ask are pretty standard and I always get asked them, yet I still have no idea what to say. You'd think that after a few interviews, you'd get the hang of it, but not me. Apparently I can't master the art of interviews, yet for some other people it's natural. I have to admit that I'm quite jealous of those people that can remain calm and collected in interviews, because by contrast I'm just a nervous, sweaty mess.

I understand that employers have to interview people to find the best possible candidate, and I  really wish that was me, but unfortunately I still can't master the art of giving the best possible answer to questions I'm asked; I don't know if it's because my social skills are horrific, because I'm young, because I haven't been to many interviews or what, but I really need to sort myself out, otherwise how am I ever going to get a job?!

The thought of entering the 'real world' terrifies me, and it will continue to until the day I graduate. Even then I'll probably be more nervous, but for now I'll happily stay in education and stay out of a proper job for as long as possible.  That suits me just fine.

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