Saturday, 7 June 2014

Why University students DO have it hard

1. No one wants to hire us during summer holidays and it's still a struggle after we've earned our degree

2. We've never had this much work before, and we HATE it 

3. We're students, how are we supposed to wake up for 9am lectures and be focused?! Not going to happen!

4. We have to sit through lectures where we literally have no idea what's going on - it's a lot harder than it looks! 

5. How are we supposed to get good grades, have a good social life, and maintain relationships? It's basically impossible! 

6. We have to endure group work, which never ends up being the participation of the group, but your participation and yours only

7. There's so much pressure on us to do well that it's like a cloud of impending doom over us 

8. Exams were invented by the devil 

9. We have to do all our own chores. Food shopping and cleaning is so boring it makes me want to weep

10. Some of the lecturers are so boring that they send us to sleep. Literally. It makes us want to scream at them 

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